Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Pics

I took a few pics over the Holida weekend. These cute little feet belong to my good friend's baby girl who is two months old!
Brooky is mesmorized by our tree, especially at night. She can't leave it alone. It's so wonderful to know that it's such a magical time for her.
I did a sandstone edit on this one of Brooky. Not totally sure I will go with this edit for scrapbooking, but I thought I would share it here anyway.
Gotta love Thanksgiving leftovers! I set my camera on the table for this shot. It makes for a neat angle.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~South Central Oregon Trip~

We took a trip to south central Oregon in August, so that my hubby could hunt for antelope. Don't worry, although he got a trophy size antelope, I will not post the pic of it here. I just wanted to post some pics of the trip itself. My older girls didn't come for this trip, so it was just our youngest two. Brent caught a small trout that we released back to the water.
I love this pic. Something about how Brooklyn is standing lol.
Here is the "LOBSTER" that came out of the water lol. Of course you all know it's not a lobster, but to a three year old it was.

Monday, November 15, 2010

~Fall Fairy~

These were a few of the pics I took of my daughter, Tyler, for the Fall season. She is a fall fairy or Goddess of sorts. I photoshopped some wings on her in one and she wanted one like her sister with the butterflies as well. TFL!!