Saturday, July 3, 2010

~Triple Birthday~

In June our household has four birthdays, myself included. So to not completely irritate my extended family, I do a triple party for all three of my June babies at one time. Then I will do something special for them on their big day. We ate at this pizza place, that has the tiny pepperonis, oh I love the tiny pepperonis!! Anyway the lighting was bad and there was this HUGE red sign that lit our entire area up!! So I broke out my new lens, a Canon 50mm f/1.8, a very inexpensive, must have lens!!
Not bad considering the light was not good, there was constant movement and I was holding the camera, so I am sure I was moving as well. Oh that cake has 2 lbs of vanilla mousse in it!!!
My Dad is helping my hubby light the candles. Did I mention that cake had 2 lbs of vanilla mousse in it!!

This is my hubby's Uncle Rocky!! It's VERY rare to get him in a photo!! He's a great guy!! Oh and don't forget the cake that has 2 lbs of vanilla mousse in it!! LOL!! Ok ok enough :)

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  1. How much vanilla mousse was in that cake? LOL

    Love it! Must be cold in the winter to have 3 babies in June! Great photos all joking aside!
    xo Lisa