Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm SOOO Impulsive!!

Do you ever get an idea and you just can't wait to do it later, so you do it right then and there with whatever you have on hand. Well I had a very impulsive moment today. I was looking at the G45 papers for Halloween which feature an Alice in Wonderland theme. SUPER CUTE!! Anyway, I got this idea that Brooklyn would be so dang cute dressed up as this style of Alice. Of course, I don't have the costume, so I go digging in drawers and my bag of costume stuff and manage to pull off this rag-a-muffin version of the G45 Alice in Wonderland lol. Anyway she and I had a total blast and here are some of the photos. Oh and by the way, she totally improvised in every one as far as her expression went. As you can see from a lot of the shots, she went with the same look :)!
I pulled this off using, a pink tutu, my 13 year old daughter's blue t-shirt, I cut up one of my black tanks that was already messed up to make the apron, the socks were super huge on her because they are adult size and she's wearing unlaced tap shoes that are about 5 sizes to big lol. Luckily I had a small enough witch hat that I tied some green ric-rac around. To get the sleeves to bunch I took a rubber band for each arm to hold the sleeves in place.


  1. They look "GREAT".
    I can't wait to see these photo's scrapped!!

  2. Wow Mandy!!!! Her little homemade custom is awesome!!! You're so creative! And your photos are sooo stinkin cute!! Like Mel said, I totally can't wait to see what you do with these photos!! I'm still in awe over your Steampunk pages :)